Power Cut B1 – Activity 5

Power Cut B1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

15 to 45 minutes

To develop students’ digital and communication skills.

Steps for Students

In this class activity, you will have the opportunity to discuss interesting questions about the world of AI.
Additionally, you will get to interact with AI and share your experience with your classmates.

Click the link: ACTIVITY 5 to access a Slides presentation


  1. Click the link: ACTIVITY 5 to access a Slides presentation.
  2. Start by asking your students if they know what “AI” means, and then proceed to Slide 2, which provides a definition of AI.
  3. Move on to Slide 3 and discuss a few questions with your students. You can choose to do this as a pair/group activity or ask individual students directly to save time.
  4. On Slide 4, have your students follow the steps provided. You can work with one avatar, and project a conversation with it onto the board, or your students can use their own individual or team avatars on their phones, laptops, or tablets, etc. Students should follow all the steps and converse with their avatar for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Move on to Slide 6 and let your students discuss the topic in pairs or small groups. Alternatively, you can ask them to discuss individually to save time. 

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