Shop till you Drop A2 – Activity 4

Shop till you Drop A2 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

15 minutes

To help students in reviewing and practicing vocabulary learned in Activity 2b; practise the order of adjectives, and make connections between the target language and real life via describing celebrities and influencers popular among young people

Steps for Students

  1. Watch the image as it is revealed and quickly shout out adjectives you could use to describe the outfit of the person in the picture.  
  2. When the image has been revealed, in pairs or small groups, describe what the person is wearing using as many adjectives as you can. Use the word cloud worksheet to help you.
  3. You will have 2 min to write the description. The winner is the group that used the most adjectives in the correct order.  

To scaffold this activity, ensure pairs/small groups can see a copy of the word cloud that reviews adjectives learnt in the previous activities. Students should be encouraged to use these adjectives when describing people in this activity. However, students are not limited to the list of adjectives on the worksheet- they are free to use any adjectives they like.  


  • Demonstrate the task:  


Step 2 
  1. Upload image 2 and slow reveal it to the whole class so they can shout out ideas about how to describe what the person is wearing.
  2. When the whole image is revealed, give students 2 minutes to write a sentence describing what the person is wearing. The more adjectives they use, the better (it could be a competition). 
  3. Remind students to refer to the word cloud to remember the new adjectives from Activity 2b.  


Step 3 

  1. Upload image 3 / image 4 / image 5 and repeat the procedure (you can only upload one image at a time).  



📍 You can personalise the activity and the images better using:  

You know your students and you know what images would work better for them.  

📍Instructions for how to use slow image reveal tool: 

You can upload images in real time. To add more fun and relevance, let students/groups choose images they want for other groups to guess/describe.  

    1. Find an image you want on the internet
    2. Make a screenshot of the image 
    3. Using the ‘Upload’ button, upload it on to classtools 
    4. Slow reveal the image for students to generate ideas about what the person in the picture is wearing.