Shop till you Drop B1 – Activity 5

Shop till you Drop B1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

60 minutes

To help students in integrating speaking skills and life competences, such as collaboration, teamwork, negotiation, and critical thinking, as well as practising and personalising the target language in the context of shopping tips for teenagers, ultimately aiming to develop their presentation skills.

Steps for Students

You are going to work in small groups to design a poster helping teenagers shop safely and responsibly. Before you start working on your own poster, have a look at some ideas presented by other students.  

Click here to see the sample poster: Boost-shopping-tips-poster

The activity for the students is to design a poster Top 10 Tips for Shopping- Tips for Teens By Teens’ 

1. To set up the activity, show students a sample poster and elicit the ideas covered in the poster (i.e. Before you go shopping; At the store; Back at home).  

📍Don’t spend too long discussing the ideas presented in the poster. Go over all the points/ideas very quickly so students can’t just copy them. The poster is only meant to demonstrate what is expected of the students and show them that it is not going to be that difficult to design it.

📍Ensure there is some time left for the presentation stage – each group should get around 3 min to present their posters. Perhaps the best 5 tips could be identified- this could be set as homework.

📍As a follow up, ask students if they think online shopping is easier/safer than real shopping.  

2. Explain that you think it’s very easy to go wrong and make a mistake when shopping online. To demonstrate this, show students this worksheet below:

Online Shopping Fails That Will Make You Actually LOL

3. Have students/pairs choose two online shopping disasters they think are funniest and most interesting.  


Activity attachment

Boost shopping tips poster