The Best Pet A0 – Activity 3

The Best Pet A0 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

5 minutes

Practising and developing pronunciation of key language from the video focusing on the short vowel sound /æ/as in CAN, HAS, PANDA, ANIMAL, RABBIT, PARROT and as in CAT, RAT, HAMSTER, CAMEL, BAT, CRAB.

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 3

  1. Look at the picture
  2. Guess the word, make up a sentence.
  3. Listen and repeat the right pronunciation
  4. Read and repeat the sentence.

Do the activity on the interactive whiteboard with the whole class

Use the link: ACTIVITY 3

  1. In the study column choose Flashcards option
  2. Study with the learners a set of flashcards focusing on the words from the video containing the short vowel sound /æ/.
  3. Learners predict the word according to the picture a make up a sentence
  4. Flip to see the word itself. Read the sentence.
  5. Click on the audio sound symbol to listen to the pronunciation. (Note: the audio works with the word card not with the picture card. To flip you need to click on the white part of the card.)
  6. Learners listen and repeat.


Extend the activity by choosing Match option from the main menu to practice vocabulary and pronunciation.

Play on the whiteboard with all the learners. Learners drag corresponding vocabulary/picture items onto each other to make them disappear in the shortest time possible. They pronounce the words at the same time.



1.Animal – Pets are domestic animals.
2.Cat- Cats can run fast.
3.Panda – Pandas eat bamboo.
4. Parrot-Parrots can make funny noises.
5. Rabbit -Rabbits can jump far.
6. Hamster- Hamsters have soft fur.
7. Camel – Camels have humps.
8. Crab – Crabs have 5 pairs of legs.
9. Bat – Bats can fly.