The Best Pet A0 – Activity 4

The Best Pet A0 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

15 minutes

A group work speaking activity to drill the grammar focus of the verb phrases – to be forms, can, have in 3rd person singular and vocabulary focus – adjectives.

Steps for Students

  1. Make pairs and sit opposite each other
  2. Learner 1: Choose a card
  3. Learner 1: Talk about the animal using the phrases on your card
  4. Learner 2: Guess the animal
  5. Learner 2: Move one seat over to changes partners

Repeat steps 1-5 with your new partner Example:

Learner 1: This animal can go for walks, it is smart…
Learner 2: Is it a dog?
Learner 1: No, it isn’t. It has lovely feathers, it can talk, it is funny
Learner 2: Is it a parrot?
Learner 1: Yes, it is.

Play the game PET PROFILES

Choose a card with a pet profile
Read out an individual specific characteristic using IS/CAN/HAS and a matching phrase for the other teams to guess

Team 1 gets a card (parrot) and reads one specific characteristic: This animal can go for walks.
Team 2 guesses or take another clue: It is smart.
Team 3 guesses or take a clue.: It is funny.
Team 4 has a guess: Is it a parrot?

Note: Some of the characteristics are in common for more animals. It is better for the teams to wait for more clues than to answer incorrectly and get minus points.

The Best Pet Read and Guess Cards – printed and cut out according to the number of learners. Each learner needs 1 card to play with

Task instructions

Cards are prepared for different pair work or group work activities according to the level of the learners. You can use them for the team game too.

Learners are divided into pairs; they sit opposite each other in two rows.
Each learner in the same row gets a card with a different animal on it.
Learner keeps the same card for the whole time.
Learners read in turn the information on their cards to their partners who sit opposite.
The other learner guesses which animal is being described.
After that learners in one row move one place forward and continue all over the same describing and guessing with the new partner.
Learners continue until they have replaced everyone in the class.



Divide learners into 4 teams.
One team chooses a card and reads out one specific characteristic of the animal as a clue.
All the other teams guess the animal.
The more clues they need for the right answer the less points they get.
For each wrong answer there are minus points.
Then the other team continues saying the clues for another animal.
Each team plays 3 rounds.

Suggested pointing system:

1 clue needed + 3 points
2 clues needed + 2 points
3 clues needed + 1 point
Wrong answer – 2 points


For an online lesson divide your learners into pairs in breakout rooms. Send the Pet profile cards to the learners and assign each of them via chat one pet to describe. Then change the breakout rooms. Learners continue taking turns as above mentioned. Similarly use breakout rooms for the team game. 
Then change the breakout rooms.
Learners continue taking turns as above mentioned.
Similarly use breakout rooms for the team game.

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