The Best Pet A1 – Activity 2

The Best Pet A1 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

To practise descriptive vocabulary.




Steps for Students

  1. Open MENTI on mobile and enter the code
  2. Type just 3 entries to describe The Best Pet in 3 Words
  3. See the result on the board (the biggest words are the most frequent)
  4. Make sentences from the word clouds.

Example: The parrot is colourful. The parrot is a bird. The parrot can make funny noises.


For this task learners will need their own devices, e.g. tablets, mobile phones.

Prepare The Best Pet word cloud presentation:

  1. Sign up for free on MENTIMETER with Google or Facebook (if needed, follow the 4 picture steps in “Help with the activity” attachement)
  2. Join the shared links for the presentation templates
    The Best Pet A1 – Activity 2.1
    The Best Pet A1 – Activity 2.2
  3. Start with the My Presentation option
  4. New presentation – Type the name, e.g. The Best Pet
  5. Slide type: Word cloud
  6. Your question: DESCRIBE THE BEST PET IN 3 WORDS
  7. Entries per participants: 3
  8. Let your students enter the answers on their tablets/mobile phones by going to MENTIMETER and typing the code
  9. The words size is changed according to the number of votes. The word with the most votes is the biggest.


Learners write any descriptive words relevant to animals without any visuals. From the word clouds they make as many sentences as possible.

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