The Best Pet A1 – Activity 4

The Best Pet A1 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

45 minutes

To practice grammar, vocabulary and speaking.

Steps for Students

  1. Choose any pet/animal
  2. Go to National Geographic website
  3. Look up as much information as you can
  4. Make an Animal Profile using CAN/HAS/IS
  5. Present your animal
  1. Learners choose any pet or animal and make a profile using as much information as possible including verb phrases CAN/HAS/IS and adjectives. They may use the internet to look up some interesting facts.
  2. Use the National Geographic website and go to ANIMALS
  3. Learners individually present their Best Pet to the class

Must-use-words:  verb phrases IS/CAN/HAS


According to the learners´ level the Animal Profiles should include:

  • animal type (mammal, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian)
  • appearance – colour, body covering (hair, fur, scales, feathers)
  • size
  • diet
  • where it lives (habitat)
  • length of life
  • some surprising information

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