Things I Love A0 – Activity 2

Things I Love A0 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To provide students with a controlled practice of ‘Do you like..?’  ‘I love, I like, I don’t mind, I hate..’ language exchange

Steps for Students

  1. Read all question to your partner and give them time to choose their answer.
  2. Ask and answer the questions with your partner.
  3. Circle the answer for him/her.
  4. Share with the class what you remember about your partner’s answers.
  1. Print out the worksheet or display on the Interactive Board
  2. Group children into pairs and ask then to read out the question to their partner.
  3. Tell them to circle the answer.
  4. After they can present information about their partner to the class.


Listen for correct pronunciation of target language. Elicit the correct ‘ing’ word from students. Try to get them to repeat quickly/slowly/quietly/loudly/while doing the action.

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Things I love – Activity 2