Things I Love A0 – Activity 5

Things I Love A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

20 - 30 minutes

To engage learners creatively with target language through a joint project or pair work activity.

Steps for Students

  1. Look at your sentences.
  2. Think about how you can take a picture to show this sentence.
  3. Work with your team to make the best picture you can.
  4. Show your results to the class.
  1. Print out worksheet or display on screen.
  2. Make a camera/tablet or mobile phone available to each team.
  3. Have a shared space to display results (google classroom for example or a padlet)
  4. Demonstrate how to create a photo with a volunteer. For example – ‘I love playing tennis’
  5. Volunteers mime action while others photo. Option to allow them to find props (go to the school gym) or bring in some props for them to use for the 8 images.


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Things I Love A0 – Activity 5