Things I Love A1 – Activity 1

Things I Love A1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

Follow up activity after watching Animation to check understanding.

Steps for Students

  1. Listen to the teacher and look at the pictures: ACTIVITY 1
  2. Are the sentences true or false?
  3. If a sentence is false, what is the correct answer?

Click on the link: ACTIVITY 1

Students can answer the questions by:

  • saying ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’
  • standing up if it’s TRUE and sit down if it’s FALSE
  • moving left if it’s TRUE and right if it’s FALSE


For online classes the Teacher can use the emoji function to correct


  1. Will is sleeping.
  2. Will is cooking.
  3. Will is making a chocolate cake.
  4. Will likes cleaning up.
  5. Will is walking in the sun.
  6. Will likes finding new things.
  7. Will is playing cops and robbers.
  8. Will and his friend are cooking marshmallows.
  9. Will is watching a scary movie.



Follow up Activity:

The teacher can put students into teams and ask them to make True or False statements about themselves or members of their team:

‘True or False, Maria likes cleaning up’

  1. False – Will is bored.
  2. False – his mother is cooking.
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False – Will is walking in the rain.
  6. True
  7. True
  8. True
  9. True

Activity attachment

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