Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 2

Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

90 minutes

To provide students with a controlled practice of vocabulary for social media.

Steps for Students

  1. Find someone in the class who likes the same youtubers as you.
  2. Prepare a short presentation for your class on this youtuber and why you like to view this channel.
  3. You can video your presentation if you wish and play for your class.
  1. Ask the class the following questions:
    • Do you watch youtube?
    • Who are your favourite youtubers?
    • Do you subscribe to any youtube channels?
    • Have you ever made any youtube videos?
  2. Divide students into groups and show them the enclosed Activity 2 with youtube task.
  3. Allow students time in class to work on or assign for homework.
  4. Schedule time for group or individual presentations



  • Check the content that they are planning to show and encourage them to use youtube sites with some educational value.
  • For shyer students give them the option to video their presentation and play it for the class.

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Activity attachment

Travel vlog A2 Activity 2