Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 3

Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To aid with memorisation and correct pronunciation of irregular verbs.

Steps for Students

  1. Click on this link ACTIVITY 3
  2. Select ‘Flashcards’ to learn the irregular past verbs.
  3. Click on the audio to hear the correct pronunciation.
  4. Select ‘Match’ to play a quick game

Click the link: ACTIVITY 3

  1. Ask students to open the link on devices in groups or play together on an Interactive board.
  2. Use the ‘flashcard’ option to learn the pronunciation and past tenses of the verbs.
  3. Emphasise pronunciation and click the audio to check.
  4. Use the ‘match’ function as a quick follow up activity (match base verb with past forms by dragging).
  5. Rewatch the animation and listen again for these verbs.



  • See here for more irregular verb audio + exercises: TIP 1
  • See here for a quick game TIP 2 to choose the correct order e.g. drink, drank, drun

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