Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 5

Travel Vlog A2 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

60 minutes

To engage learners creatively with target language through a joint project or pair work activity.

Steps for Students

  1. Look at this padletACTIVITY 5
  2. Can you give advice to teenagers from other countries who want to visit your country + region?
  3. Please add images/photos and videos to your padlet posts.
  4. Which country would you like to visit in the BOOST group?
  1. Show students the link to the padlet for this activity ACTIVITY 5
  2. Explain that they need to make some suggestions for a tourist visiting their country or region. The whole class must agree on 10 things to try when visiting.
  3. Show examples from other countries already created (for example Ireland).
  4. Encourage students to create sentences using the structure: You should + infinitive
  5. Ask students to find images or online videos to illustrate their ideas.
  6. Read posts with advice for other countries + discuss which one they would most like to visit.



  • If there is time students could create their own photos and videos to support their statements.
  • Another follow up activity would be to research other countries in groups and present results (use the padlet to help).

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