Travel Vlog B1 – Activity 1

Travel Vlog B1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

To check understanding of the Animation.

Steps for Students

  1. Listen to the teacher and look at the pictures ACTIVITY 1
  2. Are the sentences true or false?
  3. If a sentence is false, what is the correct answer?

Click on the link: ACTIVITY 1

Students can answer the questions by:

  • saying ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’
  • standing up if it’s TRUE and sit down if it’s FALSE
  • moving left if it’s TRUE and right if it’s FALSE

For online classes the Teacher can use the emoji function to correct


  1. ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ is an area in the East of Ireland.
  2. Violet asks you to give her video a like.
  3. Violet’s hair is messy because it is always windy in Ireland.
  4. Violet has been drinking more tea since she came to Ireland.
  5. (Show card quickly and hide) Irish people eat boiled, mashed, fried and baked potatoes.
  6. Before Violet came to Ireland she had never seen a wild dolphin.
  7. There are more sheep than people in Ireland.
  8. Hurling is the slowest game on grass.
  9. The Irish Language sounds like English.
  10. Violet can speak Irish.
  11. There is an Irish Legend about St Patrick which says that the reason there are no snakes in Ireland is because he sent them away.
  12. Violet thinks seaweed is very good for the skin.
  13. Before she came to Ireland, Violet had never been trick or treating.
  14. There are a lot of people living in Ireland.



This activity could be done before watching the animation to introduce the story.

  1. FALSE – It is an area in the West of Ireland.
  2. TRUE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE Before she came to Ireland she had never drunk so much tea in a day.
  5. TRUE
  6. TRUE
  7. TRUE
  8. FALSE – it’s the fastest.
  9. FALSE – it sounds completely different.
  10. FALSE – She was very confused when she heard it first.
  11. TRUE
  12. TRUE
  13. FALSE – she had been trick or treating before.
  14. FALSE – it has a small population of only 5 million but 70 million people worldwide are said to have Irish heritage.