Travel Vlog B1 – Activity 5

Travel Vlog B1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

120 minutes

To engage students creatively with target language through a joint project or pair work activity.

Steps for Students

Watch the youtube short on the History of Halloween:

  1. In your group decide on which celebration you will make a one-minute video on.
  2. Who will be the director?
  3. Who will record the video?
  4. Who will act or narrate?
  5. What images will you use?
  6. Will these images be drawings or photos?
  7. Create your video and show to your class.
  1. Show students this short history of Halloween one minute video: ACTIVITY 5
  2. Divide class into groups and assign them a celebration to make a one-minute video about. This celebration could be an international one for example: The History of Valentine’s Day in one minute Or a Local/regional one.
  3. Post the finished videos on the school website/Facebook or Instagram site + please tag BOOST!



  • If you would like to work more with the theme of Halloween and build on the vocabulary introduced by this lesson see here: TIP 1
  • If you would like the Student Videos to follow the YouTube shorts style please follow the steps here: TIP 2

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