Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 1

Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

To check students understanding upon watching the animated video. 

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 1

  1. Take turns in picking and answering questions.
  2. Keep your answers simple. 
  3. If your answer is accepted, answer the question again – aloud and speaking in full sentences! 
  1. Let students watch the video at least twice 
  2. Click the link: ACTIVITY 1 
  3. Now, have your students solve the puzzles and answer the questions to unlock the breakout. There are 8 questions in total. The aim is to assess whether your students have comprehended the content presented in the animated video. 



  • Consider adding a time limit to the breakout to increase the challenge. 
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork among students by having them work together to solve the puzzles and answer the questions. 
  • Follow up with a debriefing session to discuss what students learned and how they worked together to solve the breakout. 
  • Works nicely if students are divided into 2 or 4 groups.  
  • Encourage students to provide an explanation for their choices to give them an opportunity to enhance their speaking skills. 
  • If your students are unsure of the answer, click on the blue arrow to return to the previous question and leave the lock in the locked position. You can revisit the unanswered question once the game has concluded and assist your students in finding the correct response. 

Grammar work:

  • If you wish to check understanding of grammar structures used in the animated video, I suggest checking this link: ESL Games Plus: Monkey Game: This website has a fun and interactive game where students can practice choosing between “will” and “going to” to make future predictions and decisions. 


  • The app is set to accept various possible answers. 
  • For the complete list of accepted answers, please go to: LIST OF ANSWERS