Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 3

Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

Correct pronunciation of words related to the video/topic of environment. Word stress. 

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 3

During this activity, your team and the other teams will alternate turns and decide which part of each word is stressed. For instance, in the word “GIRAFFE” (gi-RAFFE), the stress falls on the second syllable, not the first one. Similarly, in the word “CALENDAR,” the stress is on the first syllable (CA-lendar). 

  1. Click the link: ACTIVITY 3 – It is recommended that students work in groups of two, three or four for this activity.
    Quick Access:

    • click on PLAY
    • choose: Baamboozle
    • grid: 16
    • simple Quiz (or Classic for more fun)
  2. Please ensure that you are signed in and logged in for full access to all functions (note that the Quiz option may be unavailable if you are not logged in). 
  3. In the activity, students will select their own questions and then see a word, which they will be asked to pronounce.
  4. Click on Check and decide whether the answer was correct or not. The answer shows syllables which should be stressed in CAPITAL LETTERS. Click on Oops if a word was mispronounced. 
  5. You might want to show students how silly words would sound if we kept stressing the wrong syllables all the time. Students usually have lots of fun with it.

Answers provided in the app