Places I Go A1 – Activity 3

Places I Go A1 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To develop spoken interaction skills through a listening + pronunciation task.

Steps for Students

  1. Click on the link: PowerPoint This picture has an AAH sound. What is it?
  2. Listen and repeat the sound and the sentence.
  3. Can you hear what Mr Boo says?

Open PowerPoint and check audio (you may need to download)

Face-to-face class:

  • You’ll need an Interactive Board to do the task as a whole class activity
  • or tablets for groups of learners to do the task in groups

Online lesson:

  • You’ll need a computer to share the task online


  1. Explain to the students that a new Teacher Mr Boo is going to give them a pronunciation class.
  2. They must listen to the sounds and repeat them (loudly/quietly/slowly/quickly)
  3. Can they repeat everything they hear?
  4. Can they answer Mr Boo’s questions?



As extra follow up task encourage the students to make sentences or drawings with the key words.


  1. Pronunciation Class with Mr Boo.
  2. Aah, Aah, Ants, Ants. Is that the number eight? No, it’s a line of ants.
  3. Aah, Aah, Ask, Ask. Ask me a question.
  4. Aah, Aah, Alarm, Alarm. My alarm clock is so loud.
  5. Aah, Aah, Laugh, Laugh. The cat is laughing at my joke.
  6. Aah, Aah, Garden, Garden. What a lovely back garden you have!
  7. Aah, Aah, Arm, Arm. I have very strong arms. I am a Panda you know!
  8. Aah, Aah, Fast, Fast. I really love my fast car.
  9. Aah, Aah, Market, Market. I like lots of fruit at the supermarket.
  10. Aah, Aah, Heart, Heart. Can you make a heart?
  11. Aah, Aah, Start, Start. Please press start.

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Places I Go A1 – Activity 3